Jeewan Jaalmai Toi – Sadri Christian Song Lyrics


                               Jeewan Jaalmai Toi   

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This Song “Jeewan Jaalmai Toi” is a Sadri Song and this song is mostly sang in the Churches in all over Assam in Sadri Speaking Churches. There are a lot of other Songs which are sang in the Sunday Schools and Christian Endeavor Union of the Churches in Assam and Other Parts of India.

The Lyrics Are :-

[. Jeewan Jaalmai Toi
Piyasal Aho Prabhu 
Tore Naam Se Prabhu – 2  ] – 2

Tor Vachan Prabhu -2 

Madhu Leke Chamkaathe Prabhu 
Ho Chaamkaathe Prabhu

Duniya ke Tohe Banale

Duniya Ke Tohe Sajale
Tore Madhur Vachan Se 
Tore Madhur Kaaya Se

Dharti meh ale prabhu

Paap chaama kaarale 
Maanush jaati ke toi 
Udhaar karale 
Ki gaabai tore mahima
Ki karai Tore Prasansa 
Ho Prabhu Hallelujah Hosanna – 2

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God Bless you through this Song.

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